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Bryan Bates




Steve Mate

Hi Brian -

Just wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading your posts and all the best in your new job. Hoping that your move goes smoothly!


Well, you're definitely a loss to the LV user community. NI does not have many insiders with high level knowledge who regularly share their knowledge.
Thank you and good luck with your new job/home.

J.R. Allen

Congratulations on your new job, Brian. You've been a great part of NI, and I know you'll be just as successful at Microsoft. Best of luck.


Thanks for the warm wishes - I'm very excited to get started...of course, the long drive (we have dogs) isn't going to be fun, the end should be wonderful :)

Sebastian Dau


you must be very proud of having it made from LabVIEW to Microsoft.
I hope there will be a good successor for your NI position and they will continue to support the great .NET technology.

I'd welcome seeing you continuing your blog with interesting Visual Studio stuff as I love the suite.

Cheers, Sebastian Dau (MCTS)

Pete Nico


Congratulations and best of luck! We'll miss your expertise around here. And a personal Thank You for assisting me on my first .NET experience with LabVIEW a while back.


Pete Nico (AnalogKid2DigitalMan)

Jared McInelly

Well Brian, I guess it's bittersweet for us NI folk up here in the Northwest. We loose a good resource who would come up here more often than most and help us with customers. But, we gain a good NI and LabVIEW advocate at Microsoft with access to the employee store!
Let's do lunch when you get up here. Did you find a place to live yet?
Oh, and because of your example I decided to start my own blog about the happenings of NI in Seattle. Thanks man!

Michael Aivaliotis

Congratulations. Hopefully you can try hanging out at LAVA every now and then to field some .NET questions. Microsoft is very lucky to have you.

Michael Aivaliotis - LAVA

PS: It will be a shame for the NI Vlogging to die with you. Will Colin continue it?

Joe Zoller

Hi Brian, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing through your blog, and I hope it can continue at Microsoft!


Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes. I hope to continue keeping an eye on the devzone and lava forums, but I'm not sure how often I'll be able to. My first day at Microsoft is Monday (26th), so that's when more should be clear :)

We finally arrived in Seattle after a very long drive (whew), but we're settling in - and we have internet access again!


How the hell did you succeed in moving from Labview to Microsoft when they have 0 in common?
C# and ASP.NET Programmers have zero in common with Labview world!
Every interview I make they say "but you don't have professional experience with .NET, so sorry!"
it's starting to annoying...

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