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Adam Kemp

I don't thinke that iTunes/iPod is a monopoly. They have a strong market share, but I don't think I would call it a monopoly. Windows has somewhere around 90+% of the desktop market. That's a real monopoly. :)

Brian Tyler

Most hardware companies have stopped producing their MP3 players and Napster is looking to sell it's library service. Reports I've seen show Apple at around 87% market share. I think it's fair to say that have an effective monopoly :)

And while they've done it by being the best and the first, you can't say that they aren't borrowing from MS early playbook on leveraging their market position to block out rivals.

Of course, I feel that companies that complain (today) about MS "standards" that aren't open are just playing politics - same as I do about the MP3 market - build a better mousetrap or don't complain.

So, I'm not saying Apple doesn't deserve it's success, nor do I feel that they "must" open iTunes to competitors. I'm just saying there isn't a lot of difference in the position or tactics from Microsoft.

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