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Exactly what i need for shrinking size of my block diagram with .NET nodes. Thank you Brian!
PS: can you publish the source code of LabVIEW.Interop.dll assembly? It would be interesting to see how does it work.

Brian Tyler

Actually the code is generated automatically by the tool I mentioned for ActiveX (tlbimp.exe) - so the source code is actually .NET assembly (aka IL). In addition, COM interop in .NET is done mostly by the runtime engine as you execute, so even the IL doesn't show much.

Liao Yunya

i have a question ask u for your help,that is how can i call labview in my java application? someone suggeste that i should use the JNI technology to do this,but i donn't know how to do it in details!could you give me some advices about this or give me some related resources to solve the problem,thanks very much!

Brian Tyler

Ah, the wonderful world of Java. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Java - spent several years writing code in it, but it has a serious flaw in that accessing anything other than Java from it is a major pain. I often found writing kernel drivers easier than working with JNI *laugh*

But, back to your point. JNI would definately be one way, especially if you compile your VIs into a shared library. If you're on Windows, you can also access LabVIEW's ActiveX server interface via JNI.

However, if you're going to go with the ActiveX server interface, then I'd recommend using Jacob (http://sourceforge.net/projects/jacob-project/) instead of JNI - it's much easier. I haven't used Jacob in several years, but it was a bit unstable when I used it. It seems to still have active development, so I'm sure it's gotten better.

So you'll need to look at what you need. The fastest way to call is via JNI to a LabVIEW built DLL. The easier way (but slower execution) is Jacob to the ActiveX server.

Jarrod Slocum

This is quite likely the coolest thing since swiss cheese, which is pretty cool. I'd be interested to make the UI a little nicer, perhaps turning the whole code-writing part into an XControl. Rather than using a string control we could use a .NET rich textbox editor and use things like the tabs (imagine that :) ). Then we could effect things like intellisense using Reflection properties for the various objects we input (like myList). I've done that before for a regular string control. I'm still not 100% sure on the details of how to get information about objects in edit-mode that are only instantiated during run-time, but it would be cool! Maybe I'm missing the point of this saving time and all, but oh well...

Brian Tyler

Yes, there're a lot of things we could do to enhance this up, but as always it's finding the time.

If anyone out there does add some features to this example, please email me - I'd love to post an update back to the blog.


Do you know if it is possible to use Python to write a DLL which could then be used within LabVIEW?

Brian Tyler

Well, I'm not much of a python expert, so I'd recommend checking out some Python groups. However, Python is traditionally left in script form and interpreted. If you were to compile it, you'd typically just compile the script into the DLL as a string.

IronPython is a different story, being a .NET language, but there are limitations there as well. I'd recommend starting at



To use .NET Framework in JNI you should not make COM module and bridge them with tools like Jacob, J-integra, etc. This is the most curious approach. Use REGULAR JNI for .NET. See

Brian Tyler

Wow - thanks for those links. I haven't looked at the JNI projects in some time so I've not seen these before. However, they definately deserve a look.

Mark Lumsden

Thanks for the information - it's very useful.

I've been linking LabVIEW and Python for some time now using ActiveX which works quite well. There are some advantages to using this IronPython implementation but there is one thing I'd need to be able to do:

How can you use the VI 'Call' method to call a subVI from Python. This differs from 'Run' in that you need to pass the input information to the subVI. The complication here is the inputs for this method are pointers to arrays of variants and I don't know how to form these objects in Python.

Have you ever tried the 'Call' method from Python? If I could make this work, I may switch to using IronPython.

Brian Tyler

I've not tried it myself, but here is what I would recommend - use the Tlbimp.exe from the .NET SDK to create a .NET interop assembly from the LabVIEW.tlb file (you'll find it in /resource directory).

Now the same calls take arrays of .NET objects. I'd assume that IronPython can handle that automatically since it can call the .NET framework.

Let me know if that works for you.


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Avinash Siravuru

Hi,I am Avinash from India.We are developing a machine vision application for speed measurement on roads using the existing tools in NI Vision Assistant 8.6.We have been fairly successful in achieving our targets and we now wish to make an executable file out of the code.
We have an Intel Atom Development Board at our disposal and we wish to deploy it on the same and make an embedded device.
We made an installer app out of a sample code and upon testing it on a remote system( without LabView) it failed as we had suspected.
Kindly advice us on how we may proceed from here on.
Looking forward to your reply


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