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Robert Brown

Hello Brian-

I chatted with you at the Seattle NITS in the hallway after your .NET discussion--we talked about a broken ActiveX link that was inconsistently disappearing when moving our LV app from one machine to another. We found the problem to be differing versions of the ActiveX DLL to which we were trying to link. Our vendor supplied us with multiple machines, but each of these machines had one of two possible versions of the DLL. This version number was not reflected in their filename convention, so we had thought all along that the versions were the same. However, after my discussion with you at Seattle NITS, we were motivated to dig deeper into the ActiveX DLL. We found that the Class Version, as found in the registry, was different from machine to machine (Class Version number was also different from the filename version). Reconciling all of the machines to the same Class Version fixed our problem. The lesson here is that configuration management is very important! I appreciate your time and input.

Robert Brown
Vice President
System Design Sciences, LLC

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